The Holy Instant

The whole of Heaven lies in this instant

Borrowed from eternity and

Set in time for you

The Holy Instant ~ A Course In Miracles

How can this idea change your life?

How can this beautiful thought 

change the way we feel 

and experience life?

By acknowledging that all the 

mental chatter is borrowed from the past

All the worry is a projection of fear

We can breathe

We can decide to be Present



We can empty our minds

We can invite and allow this Holy Instant to give us





Velveteen Rabbits

The Course In Miracles says:

“When you love someone you perceive him as he is,

and this makes it possible for you to know him.”

What is real about us?

I have been a spiritual seeker all my life

I read the Bible and tried to love everybody

I tried to be like Jesus

I went to retreats and meditated

I tried to be like the enlightened gurus

In my quest to be good enough

loveable enough



righteous enough

I was missing the point!

For most of my life 

I believed shame’s story

Always striving

Never arriving

Never feeling “real”

Now I see…

We are all Velveteen Rabbits

Waiting to be loved

Waiting to be real

I realize now that I was always worthy

Always loved

Always real

As I accept the truth of who I am

The truth of who you are

The truth of who we are

I accept that only the love is real





Is not the truth about me or you

It never was

I invite us all to see through the lens of love

For ourselves and for each other

Love is what makes us real

Love is the only thing that is real about us

Though there abide faith and hope,

the greatest of these is love. 

~1 Corinthians 13

Re-Write Your Life, Heal Your Story

For most of my life

My story felt like a prison

A victim tale

Cinderella in the ashes

I told my story from inside the tower

Rapunzel locked inside

With only her long hair and her imagination

We cannot see what we cannot see

We can’t tell a new story from the awareness of the old one

In order to heal our life

We have to heal our perception of our story

I Re-Write My Life every single day

Every moment

I turn the pages and I erase the painful old narrative

I empty the pages when I empty my mind

I invite wisdom 

love and 

ultimate truth to edit

Change and Re-Write my story with me

We have the power to choose

How does your story make you feel?

Does your story make you happy?

Are you the hero, or the victim of your tale?

Guess who gets to decide?


You are the author of your fate

Dear God,

May we surrender our painful narratives to You.

Help us, Divine Intelligence and Love, to see the

Innocence in every character in our story. Guide us

To a deeper awareness of the meaning of our lives.

May we see the elegance, the power, the miracles

And the grace that has been with us every moment

Of our lives. Help us to heal our stories. Help us to

Heal our lives. Amen




I remember collapsing all of these ways

The third way was the most pernicious,

unconscious and persistent

Never underestimate the power of an unconscious belief

If your life hurts today, it could be the result of

programming from the past

old feelings buried alive

old stories

How can we free ourselves from the

emotional replay of childhood wounding?

Get present

Notice the thoughts in your mind

Do your thoughts and the emotional response

align with the present-day event

or are you reacting from an old wound?

This is our inner work

This is how we heal our mind and heart

We are safe now

We are loved, guided, and protected

In this moment, we have everything we need

From this place of peace

I can surrender my pain

I can soothe my emotions

I can trust

I am worthy

I am whole

All my needs are met

I am an innocent child of God

I was born for joy, happiness, and success

I have come that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” ~ Jesus

“Life is a banquet, and most of us are starving.”~ Auntie Mame

“Let everything happen to you

Beauty and terror

Just keep going

No feeling is final” 

~ Ranier Maria Rilke

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