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Susy is genuine and invested in your wellbeing. Working with her is pleasurable and challenging: each session is an opportunity to find the gems of yourself and transmogrify pain points to flagstones leading you to a more robust, peaceful future. Every hero has an origin story and her unique approach engages your ability to create a reality and rewrite the past, not by denying it, but by recognizing it, honoring it, and deciding not how it can continue to hurt you, but doing what it takes so that it can serve you. I am delighted by the amount of peace I have gained (and continue to gain, by continuing to make use of her strategies) in such a short period of time. If you do the work, with her as your coach and cheerleader, you will only grow as a person. Don’t think that’s possible? Well, you need to meet Susy.

Emily Paul

Salem, SC

Working with Susy has really opened my eyes to how much negative thoughts permeate my existence; even the littlest inner sentences that have me believing that “I can’t”. She really shined the light on this part of my subconscious and helped me become aware of just how much I beat myself up with thoughts that turn into beliefs. I feel like a rock has been dropped from around my neck and I can catch my thoughts now and keep them in the positive tone of “I Can” and “I Am” She’s really helping me find my best self! She’s thoughtful, fun and gentle, and brutally honest.
Love Her!

Kenny Johnston

Actor| Film Maker

It’s been integral for my creativity, career & genuine happiness to have Susy Porter as my life coach. Working with her has helped me gain clarity and focus on everything from my personal mindset, anxiety, self-confidence, life direction, and energy management. She’s been instrumental in helping me fine-tune that inner voice to shift the outmoded stories and behaviors, which to me has been my biggest challenge. She is extremely gifted and creates a safe space for deep life-changing transformational work. I highly recommend Susy for anyone who is ready to take that quantum leap into self-actualizing their best life now.

Anzu Lawson


I went through the Re-Write your life Course that Susy offers and it was so amazing! I can’t say enough about how much I got out of this! She has an amazing ability to help bring awareness to things from your past you likely would not have recalled otherwise and use that to help bring healing and transformation to your perception of yourself. She took me back to those moments of my past as if I were there, bringing back the smells, sounds and feelings so vividly. This was so important because as I was able to relive the scenes from my life I had the opportunity to uncover trauma or areas that needed healing. She also helped me transform the way I viewed myself and my life! I always viewed myself as the shy, timid, kid that turned into the black sheep of the family and now have a different perspective of the bold, strong, and brave child I was and woman I became

Lynda Richard

Integrative Relationship Coach

Thank you so much Susy! You are amazing! I’ve read a lot of books and I’ve seen a lot of therapists (including EMDR), and many have been really good. But You actually saw me.

Thank you.

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Robin Elliott

Columbus, Ohio

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